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Chris Derrig

Head of International Operations and Finance

"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself."

Chris has over 27 years experience working in the legal sector.

He started as a junior legal cashier and advanced into accounts / management.

Since 2004 Chris has held the role of Finance Manager within legal 500 firms, also holding the role of COFA since 2007. Alongside this, Chris became a Practice Manager given his experience and exceptional ability to work with teams and logistics.

Aside from working at Holborn Adams, one of Chris’ career highlights was when he was headhunted to setup and develop the accounts department for a new law firm. Since then he has completed this role on many occasions.

Given Chris’ significant experience he was asked as an expert to assist a law firm that had suffered from compliance breaches. Chris liaised with the SRA to bring that firm ‘up to speed’ and was given a four week time scale to complete that deadline.

Chris’ handling of this sensitive matter was recognised by the SRA whom complimented him on his expertise, work ethic and approach. He went on to rectify the whole firm, working alongside the SRA at all times.

As Holborn Adams practice manager, Chris is perfectly placed to manage a firm that continues to rapidly grow with its celebrity / UHNW client profile.

Having spent all his working career in the legal field, we are very fortunate to have such a high calibre individual on board as he knows how every corner of a law firm works and ensures maximum client care and first class standards.

In his spare time Chris enjoys going to the gym, spending time with family and friends and walking his 2 dogs.

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