Holborn Adams, working with highly specialised Counsel and leading Queen's Counsel, is able to offer immediate reassurance to clients with a wide range of legal issues. We will tailor our team and our services to the unique requirements of each individual client.

Know Your Rights After an Arrest

Being arrested and investigated for a criminal offence is not a pleasant experience.

The time prior to arrest, at the police station or immediately afterwards is crucial for any suspect if they wish to protect their legal rights.

At Holborn Adams we always feel it is in the best interests of any suspect to have a lawyer present at the earliest available opportunity. In fact, having a lawyer prior to an arrest can prevent a suspect from self-incrimination, which happens more often than you might think.

Legal Protection

An experienced solicitor from Holborn Adams will protect your rights in the early stages of a criminal investigation but also throughout the entire criminal process. We can protect your rights during a trial by confronting witnesses through cross examination; we can present a strong defence; we can compel the production of evidence; and we will ensure that your right to a fair trial is fully protected. Every possible angle will be investigated on your behalf – truly no stone left unturned.