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Our main offices are in London, allowing us to cover both the capital and the rest of the South of England. Just a short walk from Bank and Moorgate underground stations, 125 Old Broad Street offers a modern neutral environment in which to meet to discuss your needs and requirements.

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* Initial assessment call with a solicitor to allow a legal advice plan to be prepared.

Criminal Law

Our criminal defence team has a wealth of experience in all areas of criminal law, from sensitive and personal allegations to homicide. We know that your reputation as well as your liberty are at stake and we fiercely defend our clients whilst maintaining complete confidentiality and professionalism.

Serious Fraud

Our fraud defence team has a wealth of experience in all areas relating to fraud,including HMRC criminal investigations, SFO matters, financial services cases, bank fraud and all police fraud squad inquiries.

Crisis Management

Many of our clients have a range of personal, financial and legal problems which have plunged their lives into crisis. These can include false accusations of crime, manufactured civil claims and clients themselves being the victim of fraud or other crimes.

Money Laundering

Holborn Adams has considerable experience in respect of Money Laundering allegations related to the concealment, disposal, transfer and removal of the proceeds of crime.

Pre-Charge Representations

We have successfully represented many clients ‘pre-charge’ (prior to and after arrest) and have a phenomenal record of success in concluding cases without charge by making representations to prosecution authorities, such as the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).

What our clients have to say

Clients come to us when they are in trouble, and we ensure we attend to their needs and adopt our strategy to deliver the best results for them.

"I write to express my sincere appreciation to Holborn Adams for the outstanding work carried out by one of your team members, Fay Ashton. Fay’s unique dedication and exceptional support provided during complex and delicate cases have been truly remarkable. I have had the pleasure of working with Fay on several occasions, and I must say that her unwavering dedication towards client care, and resolve in difficult situations, are impressive. Recently, as just one of many examples, we worked on the case of REDACTED together, where Fay's hard work and professionalism played a crucial role in securing a suspended sentence for a conviction of REDACTED. Her exceptional resourcefulness and organisational skills were evident throughout the case. Fay's work is nothing short of comprehensive. It is invaluable in allowing me to focus on research and preparation of the argument, rather than deciphering incomprehensible documents or trying to work out the brief. Moreover, Fay has consistently gone above and beyond to ensure that clients are signposted and connected with appropriate resources to navigate what is usually an incredibly distressing time. This kind of care is irreplaceable and means that Fay and Holborn Adams’ work is truly positively impacting clients’ lives. Fay's holistic approach to cases has been impressive and inspirational, and her ability to connect with people from all walks of life is remarkable. I hope my correspondence gives you a flavour of what has been my broader experience working with Fay, albeit that it will not do it fully justice! She has truly done some incredible work for the clients, and this has undoubtedly positively impacted all of those around her. Mr Dominic Bardill Barrister"

Mr Dominic Bardill – Barrister

"I have been instructed by Geena on the case of REDACTED in relation to making PCR. They have been interviewed in relation to allegations of rape and sexual assault. She has conducted the case in a very professional and thorough manner. In particular she has undertaken the following: - She has provided a very full proof of evidence, brief and disclosure documents. - she has obtained witness statements for interested parties in the case. They are well drafted and address all the relevant issues in the case. - she has always responded immediately to any requests/ enquiries that I have asked her to undertake. - she replied to my PCR and suggested a number of further points that could be considered. The points raised were relevant and well thought through. In my experience, it is unusual for a fee earner to positively engage with my submissions once they have been drafted. - she had a positive relationship with the client in the conferences that I have had with him. She addressed any concerns and issues that he had and made him feel at ease throughout the meetings. - She has been courteous, polite and professional in all my correspondence with her. I would not normally comment upon the actions and engagement of the legal representatives with whom I work. However, given Geena’s exceptionally professional, competent and helpful engagement in the case, I thought it needed recognising and bringing to the attention of the management in the firm. The client had received the best possible representation through the considerable efforts of Geena. Raglan Ashton Barrister"

Raglan Ashton – Barrister

"I have been meaning to get in touch for a while to write to praise Fay's work on the REDACTED case at Snaresbrook. As you may have heard, we got a ridiculously good sentence in that case and I thought that Fay's work had a lot to do with it. She put together a great mitigation bundle with a large number of character references (about 10 or so I think) that she had herself taken. She also brought a good attitude to the case and worked hard on it. I will always mention it if someone goes the extra mile on a case and I feel that Fay did on this one. Kevin Dent Barrister"

Kevin Dent – Barrister

"A winning team that manages to combine phenomenal legal expertise with real empathy for their client. Their knowledge and skill on the legal front makes you glad to have them on your side, whilst they manage your expectations and go above and beyond in helping to navigate what can be, for everyone, a traumatic experience. Our family will be forever grateful for all their hard work in achieving a life changing result for us."


"Earlier this year I found myself the subject of a Police investigation into a sexual offence against a child, as a result of a 3rd party acting on incorrect information. There just aren’t the words to describe the impact such an accusation can have on every aspect of your life and wellbeing. I felt I could probably defend this myself, given the fact that the "child" in question was actually 22, in a consensual relationship and of course, unwilling to support the investigation. However, this still had the potential to blow up on me and affect my medical practice, my career, my reputation and our family relationships. And we all know how social media treats males accused of sexual crimes. I knew it would be wise to get legal help, and I started researching various solicitors specialising in sexual crimes. I contacted several firms, many of which suggested I contact them when the Police turned up or if I was arrested. Not really the approach I was after. What a refreshing difference it was then having Andrew Ford from Holborn Adams arrange a chat about my case. He was the only solicitor to come forward with a proactive approach, explaining the options and strategy I should consider. He understood the impact this could have and the need to keep this out of the public domain, protect my reputation, career, prevent this from getting to court and the involvement of my regulator, etc. He explained that Crisis Management was something they excelled at, and it was an easy decision to instruct them to take care of me. I opted for a fixed fee package with Andrew, a barrister (Dom) and Ria teaming up to look after me. They quickly arranged a meeting in their secluded and very private offices in the country, and over a few hours they quizzed me on every aspect of my life, the case, and then discussed where we might see issues and how to preempt those. It’s quite difficult opening up about all manner of experiences in the past and present, but they were non-judgemental and I felt comfortable immediately with them. One of the advantages of a fixed fee package is that at no point, did I ever feel they were clock watching. They were always willing to spend time to discuss and answer my queries. When the Police came round to my home, they were on the phone straight away advising me, and made themselves available at weekends too. It was still a horrendous situation to be in, but the guidance and proactive stance helped me get through this experience, and very quickly the Police dropped the investigation. Even so, they are still working to ensure that the information the Police hold is factually correct and that the person who instigated this is made aware in no uncertain terms that she got this wrong and there will be serious consequences if she doesn’t keep this confidential. I’m impressed that they’re still actively working to manage this and tie up any loose ends. There’s one final point I want to make. And that is that they genuinely cared and were worried about my health. When you get accused of a sexual offence, you don’t want to talk to anyone you know about it. But keeping this inside is destructive. Even the barrister took quite some time to talk about getting help with a therapist, recognise the damage this has and continues to do to my mental health. I guess the fact that I’m writing this at 2:30am having seen my therapist earlier today, says a lot. So in summary, I cannot commend highly enough Andrew and Ria at Holborn Adams, and their legal counsel. If you find yourself in a similar position, and particularly if you are a professional person, engage this team quickly. And look after yourself. This is unfortunately a life changing experience but at least stack the odds in your favour with experienced and professional help."


"I just wanted to let you know that Akram has been fantastic throughout and he is such a hard worker and a credit to your company. Akram has always been approachable and has become a friend and someone who has supported me when I was stressed Thank you Akram and Holborn Adams "


"Having called Holborn Adams regarding a matter of legal representation, I spoke with Andrew Ford, Senior Solicitor, at Holborn Adams. Immediately I was reassured as to a way forward in representing myself towards the criminal investigation I found myself to be under! Within 24 hrs a letter of intent was sent to the investigation body and a protocol was set out by Andrew Ford in order to establish representation for myself and to legally outline the rights and legal obligation of the investigating officers. An outcome of no criminal conviction was secured some months later and no charge was sought. Case is now resolved to my complete satisfaction and due to the absolute professional approach and very knowledgeable of laws that applied to my particular investigation. A thoroughly professional team of lawyers at Holborn Adams of which Andrew Ford is part of! And I'm very appreciative and thankful for his hard and stellar work."


"I just wanted to say a huge thank you to both you and Counsel for your sound advice and general handling of my case throughout. Hiring you was the best decision I’ve made in a long time, despite the fact it’s been a year of admittedly bad decisions otherwise! You’re a credit to your firm and I’ve no doubt I wouldn’t have had the outcome I did without your guidance. Again, thank you so much for everything and please pass on my thanks to Counsel also. "


"Fantastic Service - Akram is helping me out with a legal matter at present and I cannot praise him highly enough. Akram has been extremely professional and supportive and is always contactable. I highly recommend his services. "


"I just wanted to thank you sincerely for your help and support over a difficult and stressful time. It was a great result, mostly due I’m sure, to your persuasive dialogues with the DWP, without which things would have escalated much further. D extends her warm thanks and gratitude too. Her poor health and state of mind was my main concern during this and, as always, you were very supportive and compassionate to her needs. "


"Andrew Ford & Ria Ashcroft worked extensively over a long period of time on our son's case. At all times Andrew & Ria remained very professional & made themselves available for meetings in person, via zoom & phone calls. We were particularly impressed with their attention to detail, & they always met timescales & followed through on tasks for the case. We were kept informed at all stages, which at times included contact over a weekend. From the beginning of our contact with Andrew & Ria, we felt we could trust them with the case & believe they truly care about the people they represent. Andrew & Ria showed they cared about our son & our family & remained non-judgemental at all times. Their care while representing our son showed in everything they did. Anyone considering a lawyer for advice or to represent them , we can't recommend Andrew & Ria & this firm enough."


"I cannot express how helpful and effective the team at Holborn Adams were with their legal advice. As soon as I signed as a client I felt confident I would receive the best possible legal care and they didn’t let me down. Their knowledge, experience and diligence is far greater than any other legal firm I have used previously. Akram was particularly attentive, he kept me updated, answered any questions I had promptly and I genuinely feel as though he and the team cared. I am glad I chose this company and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them"


"I am extremely fortunate I came across Holborn Adams and wholeheartedly appreciate the support and efficiency during critical times. I would like to thank Akram for having proficiently represented me and wish them and the rest of the team all the best for the future."


"I greatly appreciate all the support and advice that have been provided to me by Holborn Adams. Akram has always been on hand and accessible to give professional and sympathetic advice. They always respond promptly to my emails and texts and nothing is too much of hassle for them. I always enjoy conversations that I have with them and find them reassuring in the time of stress that I am going through. Adam is very professional and confident. I am glad I have them on my side under the stressful circumstances that I found myself in. I would recommend Holborn Adams to anyone in need of legal assistance. Thank you again"


"Thank you Akram, your advice really helped. I’m very confident now that we can walk away from this without me being placed into custody. I appreciate the advice and guidance you have shown me. Thank you sir."


"During this most difficult time, I found that having Holborn & Adams on my team was a great support. Their professional advice helped me greatly throughout."


"Dear Akram, thank you for the chat today. It’s really helped. You have such a reassuring nature, whilst also being realistic. It’s helped settle my mind massively, so thank you."


"The world of professional boxing can be a dark & dangerous place for a fighter, not as much in the ring as behind the scenes. Working with Adam gives me the peace of mind I need to concentrate fully on my job in the gym & under the lights on fight night. "

Frazer Clarke – Super Heavyweight Olympic Medalist

"I have worked with Adam since his early days & mine too. Watching him flourish in the boxing world has been a privilege. He deserves it, as his passion & desire to look after fighters is second to none. An incredible legal mind & a heavy hitter on the law."

Frank Smith – Matchroom Boxing, CEO

"Boxers & boxing can benefit from having someone as capable & bright as Adam involved. Adam does very well for the boxers he works with. I like working with him & have every confidence in his ability to do what’s best for whoever he represents."

Freddie Roach – Hall of Fame Boxing Trainer

"We’ve just recently started working with your team and I must say I wish we had come across them earlier and hopefully the wait wouldn’t be so long. I’m happy with Andrew. They always keep us up to date on everything and work fast. I believe the case is now in good hands. We are extremely grateful. So once again Thank you to your team."


"Thank you so much for all your help, this news is welcome beyond belief. I would like to thank yourself especially, but also backed up by Holborn Adams for the timely, sensitive, proactive and highly skilled advice and guidance given. You left no stone unturned which I believe was crucial to the successful outcome of the case. The stress our family has been under has been immense but you have acted with such humanity and compassion it’s made a very difficult time more bearable, and I really thank you for that. I spent a lot of time researching and talking to other solicitors before committing to yourself. This decision to choose yourself was based on my feeling that you understood the wider picture and nuances of the case and would give 100% which you did. Thank you once more, you have helped change our lives immeasurably for the better."


"Just wanted to let you know that I finally received the letter from DBS and I’m not going to be barred! I’m so relieved. Please note I realise this was all down to your hard work of which I will be forever grateful. Please accept my wholeheartedly appreciated efforts on your part. I wish you all the best for the future."


"I am pleased that I used Holborn Adams and their professional criminal defence team as my legal counsel during a very stressful and unclear time in my life. Head of crime - Andrew Ford dealt with my case in a professional and discreet manner which is what I needed at the time. The team worked tirelessly and as expected a positive result was achieved in my case."


"Needed a solicitor due to a dbs minded letter. Found Holborn Adams on line which deals in specific cases like mine. Holborn Adams agreed to act on my behalf, and I found her to be approachable and very knowledgeable. Throughout the case they kept me informed and did exactly what she said she would and on schedule. To summarise my experience very professional and I would not hesitate to recommend Holborn Adams to all my family and friends."


"It was by chance I stumbled upon Holborn Adams and Andrew Ford picked up my call. I am beyond fortunate I did so. Upon initial contact with Andrew, I was sure this was the right firm to represent me. Andrew showed expertise and thorough knowledge in the field I needed representation in and was patient and comforting when I explained my situation. He was confident that with effective pre-charge representation , there was a strong chance my case would not result in any charge being applied by the CPS. He was correct and with a well complied pre-charge case file, my case was dropped and resulted in no further action. I cannot thank Andrew enough for his hard work, professionalism and reassurance through this highly distressing time for myself and my family. I also am thankful and grateful to Carrie Bray, who works alongside Andrew, for her hard work, empathy and kind approach she undertook when dealing with my case. I would recommend this team and Holborn Adams to anyone looking for excellent representation, coupled with a team who are always accessible and understanding of the stress attached with legal proceedings."


"My partner and I would like to thank Holborn Adams for their legal advice, effort and time on our case. Our choosing Andrew to represent us was the best decision we could have made. Without their extensive knowledge and skills, the positive outcome we reached could not have happened. We would not hesitate to recommend the Holborn Adams team and would use the firm in the future, if we needed its expertise again. Once again, a big thank you to Andrew for being patient, friendly and calm with us throughout—from the start until the very end of our case."


"I happened across Holborn Adams by a stroke of luck, or fate. I am so grateful and thankful that I did, as the support, help and advice I received from day one of engaging with them, and throughout the whole ordeal has been a blessing. I was falsely accused by an ex partner of serious accusations. I had previously appointed another firm who, it seemed, were happy for my case to go trial. Some time had passed under the guidance (or lack of) my previous solicitor, and the trial was drawing closer and closer. I knew something wasn't right with my previous representations so I looked elsewhere and appointed HA. From the very first meeting I knew I was in safe hands. Adam is a true professional in his field and know the law inside out. They helped close down my case, meaning there was no trial. We worked together to gather evidence which proved to close the case down. 12 months ago my world was bleak, I felt a tremendous amount of pressure and stress, however every appointment I had with Simon/Adam helped to reassure me and took away many of my concerns. I couldn't recommend HA highly enough. If you are facing similar issues, give them a call immediately, you won't regret that decision."


"Adam has always been incredibly professional, even when we worked in opposing teams on big fights in the past! Adam’s drive & attention to detail is second to none. The support Adam has given to myself & my team over the years has been invaluable. I know how important it is to have an experienced & highly professional lawyer in your corner & I’m confident that we will be working together for many years to come."

Shane McGuigan – Boxing Coach

"I’ve had the privilege of having Adam in my team throughout my career, making sure every decision outside the ring is taken care of. His work ethic, drive & attention to detail is second to none. This gives me the peace of mind to focus solely on my sport, knowing everything is taken care of in the background. He’s not only a lawyer but a friend who is always in your corner."

Scott Quigg – Former WBA Champion of the World

"When my partner was wrongfully arrested it felt like my world had collapsed around me. I was alone, fearful and lost. The rumours circulating affected my health and my business as people believed what the police were saying. The constant contact and reassurance from Holborn Adams, who were always there and willing to help, enabled me to carry on and thankfully we are now out of the other side. Nobody listens and nobody cares when you face something like this. But Holborn Adams do – they put their clients best interests at heart. Thank you so much to all at Holborn Adams, especially Adam Rasul."


"I am writing to express my appreciation for the help, advice and support me and my family received from Holborn Adams during my wrongful arrest last year. I was at a real low with the false allegations against me and the unwillingness of the police to look at alternative facts and evidence. Having you in my corner, to keep my spirits up when I was imprisoned and things were looking bleak, helped stop me from going under. The fact that you were there for me and my family at all hours, always willing to advise, is and always will be, appreciated more than words can express. I would recommend you to anyone suffering injustice or finding themselves on the wrong side of the law. "


"As part of a team, you, Adam and Holborn Adams were all patient, friendly and professional providing an environment where in the most dire of circumstances there is a reassurance that a team is working to reach the best very outcome on your behalf. Importantly the human touch of support that is so critical in times of crisis never lapsed. I have no hesitation in recommending Holborn Adams with the strongest voice to anyone for high quality legal representation and a team who are dedicated to the very best outcome for their client."


"In a time of crisis the initial phone call with Adam was exactly what was needed; calm reassurance with precise legal instructions that he made sure I understood in my emotive chaos. The step by step guide of how the arrest process would proceed and clear do and do nots as well as the traps not to fall into was absolutely invaluable as I had no knowledge or prior experience of the criminal justice system. I now understand due to the nature of the criminal justice system how critical and vital it is to have good quality legal advice at the earliest opportunity."


"We made the best decision in choosing Holborn Adams to represent our son and we would have no hesitation in recommending Holborn Adams or using the Firm again if ever we needed to."


"I would like to say a huge thank you for all your time and effort which has led to a very positive outcome. Your friendly, down to earth and non judgmental approach was much appreciated."


"I would like to thank Natasha, Adam and Chris for the excellent job they did on my case. I really appreciate it and feel that without their input this wouldn’t have been a positive result."


"Adam Rasul is a tremendously impressive and affable lawyer whom I would not hesitate to recommend for any corporate or financial crime matter."

Guy Williams, Senior Clerk 25 Bedford Row

"In this sport of boxing, there are as many battles outside the ring as there are between the ropes. I am glad to have Adam & his team in our corner for me & my fighters. Adam has done well with my fighters he has worked with & always does his best for whom he represents."

Joe Gallagher – Boxing Trainer & Manager

"Inside the boxing ring can be hard, but outside of it can be even harder. Knowing Adam has got my back along with his professional team gives me peace of mind that all things legal are in the best hands possible & under control. It isn’t just a job to Adam, He is also there for his love & passion for boxing whilst ensuring fighters are looked after in the best way possible. "

Callum Johnson – British Light-Heavyweight

"I have watched Adam have the “backs” of many fighters & coaches across the world. It is hard to find a good lawyer in boxing who knows their stuff, Adam is relentless & always fights to win. His knowledge is exceptional & his love for boxing sets him apart from other professionals I have come across in my career. I have turned to him for help in the past & he executes his work perfectly. He is also a good friend."

Anthony Crolla – Former Professional Boxer

"Law is one of the most scary and prominent parts of being a Professional Athlete. Having a Lawyer/Law Firm that you can trust like family is paramount in providing peace of mind, confidence in the future and maximising safety and value. Adam Rasul in particular has gone above and beyond numerous times. He is not just a lawyer, he becomes a Brother, a Friend, and a Mentor."

Lawrence Okolie, WBO Cruserweight World Champion.