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Holborn Adams

October 31, 2023

The examples of the panic statements we receive daily!

“I have just been arrested!”

“I am released under investigation!”

“I think I am going to be arrested!”

“I think the Police are after me!”

“I have been asked to attend an interview under caution!”

“I am still on bail and no decision has been made!”

Stay Calm and Remember

    1. Never allow the Police or an investigation body dictate your fate or the case timetable.
    2. Clients come to us because we “regain control” of their case based on years of negotiation, forward thinking legal strategy and proactive defence. We have no fear of our opposition and fight from the start.
    3. There is no case in our history that has ever ended up worse than when it started.
    4. Released under investigation? Great, it means we can initiate immediate pre charge and prevent you being charged.
    5. I am on bail, they imposed bail conditions which are affecting my life and I have a return date at the police station?

No problem, it is likely you were represented by a free lawyer, or you represented yourself. Therefore, no representations were made to the custody sergeant. We will seek to vary bail or simply list your case in court within 5 working days to get your liberty back and home with your family. Pre-charge representations can be made in this situation too.

Once you are entangled in any criminal allegation, it is terrifying and upsetting. You do not who or what to believe.

What you do need is someone who can command authority and navigate you safely through the dark times. Clients tell us that it feels like you have been blindfolded.

Once you instruct the right team you can become much calmer. Get proper legal advice and let us take over the case. We will update you as much or as little as you want.

The task at hand for us is simple, in theory, and complicated behind the scenes. We are happy to share each step of what we do with you or allow you to go about your life / business and do our work to try and return your life back to how it was before the investigation started?

Our aim is to reduce your stress and confusion by telling you what we think and not sitting on the fence. We deal with the bad first and then start making matters better.

One client said – “Tell your clients never to be paralysed by someone else’s false allegations or a mistake you made. Let Holborn Adams do their thing and try to go about your everyday life until they end it successfully for you.”

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