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Business as usual - we working at full strength and are available to discuss your legal enquiries. Read our full Covid-19 statement here.

COVID-19 Statement

Holborn Adams Solicitors acknowledges that the current global situation regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus disease) represents a unique and significant global health crisis. The background and progression of COVID-19 is now well known and well publicized.

With effect from Wednesday 18th March 2020 the majority of the Holborn Adams Team will be working from home with a skeleton staff in the office. The team have full electronic and secure access to all their systems and communications and will maintain business as usual.

The team has activated its Business Continuity Plan and are taking precautions seriously. We are addressing the more pressing implications, particularly with regards to how we relate to our clients.

This statement outlines how the firm is addressing the current situation and continuing business as usual despite the demands of the current crisis.

Holborn Adams Business Continuity

The Director and Senior Management Team have activated our Business Continuity Planning protocols alongside other relevant policies and plans. This includes addressing the following key areas: –

· Anticipating and managing service delivery challenges caused by any disruption to supplier logistics;

· Ensuring that our clients are aware of our position at all times and are kept informed of any impacts due to COVID-19 and how we are managing these;

· Assessing the health of our team and their availability at all times;

· Continuing and upgrading our internal and external communication strategy with clients, employees, regulatory agencies and any other third-parties;

· Assessing the financial impact of COVID-19 on the business and making appropriate and timely decisions to ensure business continuity and maintain our client-facing service;

· Proactively managing court litigation protocols and proceedings and taking steps to protect clients’ interests as needed.

Team Welfare and Protection

We are currently assessing and mitigating our teams’ exposure to risk and taking all precautions to minimise exposure to COVID-19. Our primary focus is on maintaining the health and wellbeing of our team. Going forward this may potentially involve implementing travel restrictions; restricting employee mobility; asking the whole team to work from home, and taking other mitigating measures to protect the health and safety of the team. We are aware of, and committed to complying with laws, rules and regulations designed to safeguard employees and mitigate the spread of the disease.

Client Service Delivery

Our team currently travel extensively across the UK and abroad in order to meet with our clients and conduct our face to face client meetings. We recognise that lock-down or self-isolation protocols may affect our ability to conduct business as usual. In response, we will (if necessary) implement alternative approaches to client meetings which make the best use of available technology and best meet our clients needs. We may, for example, use Skype, FaceTime or Secure Telephone Conferencing facilities to conduct client meetings if members of our team, or our clients, are unable to attend face to face meetings due to self-isolation or lock-down requirements.

Legal Service Implications

The HA Team makes extensive use of Counsel on all cases and this will remain the case using the same electronic and technological methods currently utilised by our team and the Court System.

Team Working and Communication

Our team are already skilled in working as a virtual team using social media and encrypted and secure online technologies including hosted systems. In the eventuality that any members of our team are unable attend their usual office base due to suspected or actual infection of COVID-19 the team will continue to work virtually using the methods currently employed.

Should any members of our team be affected to the extent that they are unable to work, the Director and Senior Management Team have access to all client matters and notes, electronically and remotely, and we will identify suitable alternative legal advisors who can take over and run client cases. Whilst we appreciate that continuity of case contact is preferable and highly desired by our clients, should it become unavoidable to guarantee this because of illness, we will speak with, and support our clients in adapting to necessary changes.

We appreciate that this is a worrying and challenging time for our clients’ and we are committed to using our team combined knowledge and experience to support our clients in addressing any challenges faced.

Please contact our Director, Partner or Head of Operations should you have any questions or concerns. You can contact our Head of Operations by email to