Holborn Adams lawyers are continually engaged in a range of cases on behalf of clients, at every stage.

For reasons of client confidentiality it is necessary to anonymise references to individual clients but the links on this page refer to cases in which Holborn Adams lawyers are currently acting or have acted in the past.

R v ML (Current Live)

Representing a client pre-charge in relation to serious sexual offences. Case preparation has involved securing defence material at the early stages of the investigation. We have successfully applied to vary the clients bail conditions pending completion of the investigation.

R v CJ (Current Live)

Instructed to defend a client pre-charge in relation to allegations of assault and possession of a Class B drug with intent to supply. We are in the process of obtaining medical evidence and witness statements as part of the pre-charge representations.

HMRC v KL (Current Live)

Retained to defend a client with allegations of VAT and income tax fraud. We have prepared written submissions to the CPS to the effect that criminal charges would not be in the public interest.

R v AS & Others (Current Live)

Holborn Adams is retained by two clients in a vast cross-border human trafficking and a multi-million pound fraud investigation by both UK and Polish authorities. Our Senior Partner, Adam Rasul travelled to Poland to liaise with the clients’ Polish Lawyers as part of a coordinated legal response. Written representations have been submitted to the CPS that the investigation failed to follow proper procedures and that the case should be reviewed at the highest level.

United States v EL (Current Live)

Holborn Adams is retained to assist and advise on an international drug trafficking investigation conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Our Senior Partner, Adam Rasul, travelled to Washington DC and Virginia to represent the interests of a British Citizen implicated in a large-scale drug trafficking conspiracy. Adam is working jointly with United States Attorneys in preparation of the client’s case.

JG (Drug & Other Serious Criminal)

Retained to make enquiries into the police handling and conduct of an historic incident.

R v H (Drug & Other Serious Criminal)

Instructed in relation to an appeal against sentence and Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 confiscation order in relation to conspiracy to supply Class A and Class B drugs to the value of £5,000,000.

R v LA (Drug & Other Serious Criminal)

Retained to advise on an appeal against conviction for murder (‘Joint enterprise’) where we did not act at trial. This involves detailed review of ‘what went wrong’ in the trial and investigating evidence and legal errors that may be used to overturn the conviction.

R v JD (Drug & Other Serious Criminal)

Represented a client in a wave of Operations by Greater Manchester Police of conspiracy to supply Class A drugs. This case involved consideration of a voluminous amount of telephone evidence and a large investigation across the North West.

R v MR (Drug & Other Serious Criminal)

Acted for a client cleared of attempted murder in the course of a ‘drive-by shooting’ in Birmingham following a successful submission of no case to answer.

R v JZ (Drug & Other Serious Criminal)

Acted for a Czech national facing multiple rape charges and false imprisonment. A case that involved Czech translators and hundreds of hours of defence preparation.

R v P (Drug & Other Serious Criminal)

Assisted in the preparation and defence on a 14 handed corruption and perjury case, surrounding the notorious prosecution of the ‘Cardiff 3’ for the murder of Lynette White. This was the largest ever case of police corruption in legal history. The £30,000,000 prosecution ended in the collapse of the case and not guilty verdicts.

R v AK (Drug & Other Serious Criminal)

Represented a client charged with conspiracy to supply Class A drugs. This case was a multi-million pound international drug trafficking and confiscation case. Investigated by the SOCA and involved international jurisdictions and surveillance.

R v C (Drug & Other Serious Criminal)

Acted for the main defendant charged with Conspiracy to Murder. This involved extensive defence preparation of cell site analysis extending over 20,000 pages of evidence at the initial stages of the case.

R v HS (Drug & Other Serious Criminal)

Acted for the main defendant in a conspiracy to supply Class A drugs, possession of firearms and human trafficking. Extensive surveillance evidence and hundreds of hours of audio product from probes placed in vehicles.

R v MC (Drug & Other Serious Criminal)

Instructed to act for the main defendant in a conspiracy to supply Class A drugs. Prosecution and investigation brought by the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA). Extensive preparation and review of hundreds of hours of covert surveillance and detailed disclosure applications to the Court.

R v MD & Others (Drug & Other Serious Criminal)

Represented a client charged with conspiracy to supply Class A drugs and firearms offences.

UAE v AM (Drug & Other Serious Criminal)

Instructed to draft an advice on UK law in respect of the use of cannabis for the United Arab Emirates Courts. The advice was translated into Arabic and was presented to the UAE courts on behalf of an overseas client.

R v NS (Drug & Other Serious Criminal)

Represented the lead defendant on the largest commercial cannabis cultivation and supply conspiracy in UK History. Stock value estimated at £20,000,000 by the prosecution authorities.

HMRC v JC (Fraud & Money Laundering)

Represented a client (pre-charge) facing alleged offences, including fraudulent evasion of VAT contrary to the VAT Act 1994, investigated by the HMRC Criminal Team. We obtained medical evidence and other defence evidence as part of a pre-charge representations package.

R v LC (Fraud & Money Laundering)

Acted for a client facing multi-million pound money laundering allegations. This prosecution arose from a previous case (‘Operation Shoot’) into this case known as ‘Operation Echogramme’. The case involved analysis of evidence from conveyance material stemming over tens of thousands of pages.

R v SF & RF (Fraud & Money Laundering)

Successfully defended clients charged with conspiracy to defraud to the value of £25,000.000. This case involved over 10 months of full-time preparation to test the allegations presented by HMRC.

R v DA (Fraud & Money Laundering)

Successfully defended a client charged with multi-million pound money laundering. This case involved criminal proceeds that had allegedly been transferred from Latvian bank accounts into UK-based companies. Due to the level of the client’s business activity, all aspects of his lifestyle were financially interrogated.

R v MC (Fraud & Money Laundering)

Acted for a Chartered Accountant charged with false accounting. After intense defence preparation with the assistance of expert forensic accountants, the client was acquitted after trial. The defence successfully exposed that the Inland Revenue staff were dishonestly taking bribes to process claims.

R v C (Fraud & Money Laundering)

Represented a husband and wife investigated for mortgage fraud. Forensic defence preparation led to lesser charges being brought against by both clients and a non-custodial sentence.

R v M (Fraud & Money Laundering)

Acted for the main defendant in a prosecution investigated by Trading Standards. The client was charged with 400 separate offences which involved thousands of pages of evidence on behalf of Nike, Adidas, Hugo Boss and other high-profile clothing brands.

R v K (Fraud & Money Laundering)

Acted for a client charged with Copyright Fraud – prosecution by F.A.C.T (Federation Against Copyright Theft). The preparation for this matter involved taking instructions on over 4.2 million pages of evidence with a large defence team. One of the largest private prosecutions ever undertaken.

R v AC (Fraud & Money Laundering)

Acted for a Director investigated for fraud related offences involving a Professional Football Club. A case brought by the Football Association (FA) from events dating back to March 2001. The SFO took over the investigation, leading to 19 charges including false accounting, furnishing false information and theft.

R v WM (Fraud & Money Laundering)

Acted for a Senior Dentist charged with false accounting. The proceedings attracted wide media attention and was prosecuted by the NHS Counter Fraud Team.

R v H (Fraud & Money Laundering)

Acted for a Company Director facing serious money laundering allegations in relation to alleged criminal property. A multi-handed conspiracy at an alleged value of £4.2 million.

R v LD (Fraud & Money Laundering)

14 handed corruption and fraud case involving Trafford City Council in Manchester. One of the largest ever investigations into alleged fraud by Senior Council employees. Client received a suspended sentence and walked free after an investigation that lasted 8 years.

R v SD (Fraud & Money Laundering)

Successfully defended a businessman against a European Arrest Warrant (EAW). The client was alleged to be a significant figure in a money laundering conspiracy in the Netherlands. The case outlined procedural errors in the EAW and continuous defence preparation revealed significant flaws in the investigation.

R v NK (Fraud & Money Laundering)

(‘Operation Euripus trial 5’) – represented a former Times Rich List client accused of money laundering from the proceeds of multi-million VAT fraud. The case involved prosecution and defence enquiries in Spain, Gibraltar, Dubai, Hong Kong, China and the Caribbean.

R v NW (Fraud & Money Laundering)

Senior Partner, Adam Rasul successfully defended the largest VAT fraud recorded in UK history (£330,000,000). After extensive case preparation and a six-year investigation, the client was discharged from criminal proceedings and the matter was discontinued.

R v NW (Recent Pre-Charge)

Senior Partner, Adam Rasul successfully defended the largest VAT fraud recorded in UK history (£330,000,000). After extensive case preparation and a six-year investigation, the client was discharged from criminal proceedings and the matter was discontinued.

R v SA (Recent Pre-Charge)

Successfully represented a Doctor pre-charge in relation to an allegation of domestic violence. Representations made on behalf of the client resulted in no further action being taken and no General Medical Council intervention.

R v CM (Recent Pre-Charge)

Represented a client investigated for an alleged serious assault. After extensive pre-charge preparation, which entailed collating witness evidence and early representations, no further action was taken.

R v JS (Recent Pre-Charge)

Successfully represented client on allegations of racial and threatening behaviour. Following pre-charge representations to the Reviewing Lawyer at the CPS and collating witness evidence, we persuaded the CPS that there was insufficient evidence to make a formal charge and no further action was taken.

R v DW (Recent Pre-Charge)

Represented a client pre-charge in respect of an allegation of rape. Following immediate representations about the quality of the prosecution evidence, no further action was taken against the client and the matter was formally marked ‘NFA’ (No Further Action) by the police.

R v HK (Recent Pre-Charge)

Successfully represented a high-net-worth client on allegations of racism and threats to kill. Following our early intervention, which included gathering key defence material, the client avoided police arrest and we persuaded the police and CPS not to make formal criminal charges. The client was able to retain his right to travel to the United States and Canada without restriction.

DWP v KA (Recent Pre-Charge)

Holborn Adams successfully defended a serious pension fraud investigation. The DWP/CPS accepted Holborn Adams’ pre-charge representations. The client avoided criminal prosecution and further investigation.

DWP v DS (Recent Pre-Charge)

Represented a vulnerable adult in a DWP criminal fraud investigation. Following negotiations and pre-charge representations, we persuaded the DWP to discontinue the criminal investigation and not to press formal charges against the client.

R v NM (Recent Pre-Charge)

Successfully represented a Senior Doctor pre-charge in respect of an alleged multi-million pound fraud against the NHS. After intense defence preparation and preparation of a full bundle of defence evidence, no further action was taken against the client. The client faced a joint regulatory and police prosecution, and both investigations were discontinued.

HMRC v SB (Recent Pre-Charge)

A substantial and lengthy investigation into a multi-million pound VAT fraud case was discontinued against Holborn Adams’ client. Following years of investigation, the CPS and HMRC accepted Holborn Adams’ detailed pre-charge representations and discontinued their investigation. As a result, the client no longer faced criminal prosecution or Confiscation proceedings.

HMRC v A & B (Recent Pre-Charge)

An investigation that commenced in 2011 was brought to a successful conclusion by the Holborn Adams’ Serious Fraud Team. Extensive pre-charge representations at interview and powerful client statements resulted in an extensive list of charges being ‘dropped’ against our client by HMRC investigators. These included conspiracy to cheat the public revenue, conspiracy to undertake fraudulent activity, and making and supplying articles for use in fraud and money laundering. The value of the alleged crimes was estimated at £5,000,000.