Pre-Charge Representation and Proactive Defence

We have successfully represented many clients ‘pre-charge’ (prior to and after arrest) and have a phenomenal record of success in concluding cases without charge by making representations to prosecution authorities, such as the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).

We are able to challenge illegal arrests and searches, seek the return of seized property, point out flaws in the evidence and address legal errors by the investigators or prosecutors. In addition, we often advise clients to mount a pro-active defence exercise by gathering evidence from witnesses and experts to contradict the prosecution allegations so that charges cannot be justified under the Code for Crown Prosecutors.

We look to establish that there is insufficient evidence for our clients to be charged and/or that a prosecution would not be in the public interest. This involves creative, intensive and intelligent legal strategy and a ‘no stone unturned’ approach to pre-charge defence.

See some of our notable Pre-Charge Representation cases here.

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