Holborn Adams Team

Holborn Adams boasts extensive experience in all aspects of criminal law, securing landmark results for clients and building a reputation for excellence amongst the legal community and beyond.

We are proud to offer an exceptional service with a team that understands that criminal proceedings can profoundly change the lives of an individual and those around them.

As a firm, we are sympathetic to your situation and understand that criminal investigations can be prolonged and extremely complex. With Holborn Adams acting on your behalf, we can assure you that you will be guaranteed to be advised on your case by specialist serious crime Solicitors and Counsel from start to finish.

Holborn Adams is a privately-funded Criminal Law firm. As a result, we are able to offer direct access to a specific Lawyer at any time of the day or night and immediate consultation with some of the country’s leading Criminal Barristers, including Queen’s Counsel (QC). We are here to act whenever and wherever you need our help.

For financial reasons, many criminal and regulatory law firms, particularly on ‘legal aid’, instruct in-house ‘Higher Court Advocates’ rather than specialist independent Counsel. We maintain a traditional professional relationship by instructing Counsel to act alongside us in your case, offering another viewpoint and the benefit of specialist training and expertise unique to the Bar. We only ever instruct Counsel of the highest quality from leading chambers nationwide and with a proven track record of success in even the most difficult and high-profile cases.

From the outset, Holborn Adams offers extremely rare access to Counsel and Queen’s Counsel, not only for court proceedings but throughout the pre-charge investigation phase. Such access is not available in legal aid matters but is of enormous benefit to privately-funded clients. They are experts on advocacy and court proceedings and can provide unique insight into the effect of pre-charge defence actions on any future prosecution and on legal flaws in the prosecution.

It is imperative to us that your case is prepared precisely and that you understand each piece of evidence or allegation against you. Our team will piece together a succinct and crystal-clear analysis of your case and present it to you in a format without legal jargon. We like to call it ‘separating the meat from the bones’ in order that you fully understand your matter.

When representing each client, we pride ourselves on tailoring our service to fit around your everyday life and try to ensure you continue your life and work as normally as possible. Although there will be times when we need your full attention and assistance, it is part of the Holborn Adams service that we take as much of the strain as possible away from you.

The Benefits

At Holborn Adams Solicitors you will benefit from:

  • A phenomenal success rate of pre-charge defence in avoiding criminal charge.
  • Legal advice that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Direct access from the outset to some of the country’s leading specialist Counsel and Queen’s Counsel.
  • A clear breakdown of our firm’s fee structure and what you will have to pay, when and what for. We are happy to explain fees to you at any stage of your case and once that has been approved we know you are focused on your case rather than worrying about costs.
  • A forensic analysis of the evidence against you, including a clear explanation of the strengths and weaknesses of your case. In most cases this will mean thorough advice from specialist Criminal Counsel, in writing and / or in conference – a road map for you through the case.
  • Firm and timely advice on plea, credit and sentencing guidelines.
  • A choice of our hand-picked panel of Counsel, all of whom we have worked with for many years and all of whom are leaders in their field for cases like yours.
  • Expert advice before being charged and, on many occasions submitting a ‘Defence Pack’ and/or a formal ‘Pre-Charge Letter of Representation’ to the CPS setting out why a prosecution should not be pursued under the Charging Protocol.
  • Legal expertise to identify any abuse in the process of your prosecution and advise you on the impact of this and how we can make an application to the court to stay the indictment without a trial.
  • A highly detailed and specific approach to your proof of evidence and the ability to work through your evidence and piece together your instructions to put forward a comprehensive and robust defence.
  • A highly sensible and experienced team that can negotiate a resolution to your case avoiding prosecution or indeed a reduced offence to avoid prison sentences and fines wherever possible.
  • A ‘full and frank’ breakdown of advice on appeal, whether we act for you at trial or not, and the ability to produce a document outlining the merits of your case.

Solicitors Regulation Authority

Regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (‘SRA’). The SRA regulates solicitors, other authorised professionals and the firms they work in throughout England and Wales.



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